Proxy Gate Overview

Proxy Gate is a free service based on a large number of secured Socks5 proxies provided by our volunteers which can use for bypass limitation on users from certain countries, cities, geographic regions or even restrictions on some ip address ranges. Get access to blocked sites such as Bebo, Youtube, Friendster, Hi5, Orkut, eBay, Xanga and many other sites! The proxy part has strong encryption so the users can get the maximum security while using some public WI-FI networks without being sniffed by hackers. Also the user can browse the Internet anonymously and undetected at work, school, college or university freely.


Proxy Gate Benefit

You can take these advantages by using Proxy Gate:

  1. You can get through the government's firewall to browse restricted web sites (e.g. YouTube).
  2. You can disguise your IP address to hide your identity while surfing the Internet.
  3. You can protect yourself by utilizing its strong encryption while using public Wi-Fi.

Proxy Gate is free of charge.


Proxy Gate Public Relay Servers



How does Proxy Gate work?


Proxy Gate can prevent eavesdropping

Public wireless networks are vulnerable to packet sniffing.

Most public Wi-Fi networks can be eavesdropped by anyone as they are commonly unencrypted. Wired networks are also vulnerable to eavesdropping when applied a technique, for example, ARP spoofing. Moreover, the network administrator or the facility owner may have the opportunity to tap into your communication. Even if you are hooking up to the Internet at your home, there is a risk that the employee of your ISP or telecom company might be wiretapping to observe your plaintext packets. (In fact, there was a criminal incident that an employee of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Company had wiretapped in the building the company resides. So we can never trust employees of ISPs or telecom companies.)

When using HTTP, POP3 or IMAP in plaintext on the Internet, you are vulnerable to eavesdropping. For example, HTTP-over-SSL (HTTPS) is secure against eavesdropping, however, most web sites uses HTTP, whose packets are transmitted in plaintext.

It is favorable that there may be a method to encrypt all online activities automatically. When such technique is applied, nobody can snoop into your transmissions.



When using Proxy Gate, all transmissions will be automatically encrypted. Even if your local network is compromised by snoopers, your transmissions will remain intact.

Note that this solution can only encrypt within the Proxy tunnel, therefore packets forwarded from the Proxy server to the destination are not within the scope of this solution. (i.e. it will not be encrypted.)