How to use

On the main interface of ProxyGate client, You can filter the Proxy by Country , State , City and also IP range. For Country, need to enter the 'ISO country code(alpha 2)'. e.g. America to US, Canada to CA, Austrilia to AU. For State, use the State abbreviation. e.g. Hawaii to HI, New York to NY. For City, enter the full name.

Select any Proxy ip in the list above, and click the 'Connect' button to start using the Proxy.


Log in with your ProxyGate account. If you still dont have one, plz sign up here, its totally free. Daily use proxy limit is the proxy you can use daily.

Registered user can use 5 proxy daily.

Volunteer of running Proxy Relay Server on their PC can use 20 proxy each day.

Referal each user to use ProxyGate, the limit add by 5. E.g you refered 6 people installed ProxyGate Client, You should be able to use add up to 35 Proxies per day(5 + 30). if you are a registered user, and add up to 50 proxies daily(20 + 30) if you are a Volunteer.


When the proxy is set and ready to work, you need a third party proxy software like 'Proxifier' or 'Proxycap' to config the Socks5 Proxy server use the info that the ProxyGate Client gives. No authentication required for the Socks5 Proxy.